Something to watch (With Your Eyes!)

clarke_and_michael.jpg Through a bit of rolling around on the internet, I happened upon It is a little 10 (ten) part story about a couple of guys trying to write and pitch a script. I am only on the 3rd (third) episode (no – I will not say “webisode” – and no that didn’t count as saying it) – but have enjoyed it so far.

How did I happen upon it – and why do I like it?! Well – I was looking at stuff about “Superbad” – which is a movie that I am going to watch – both because I seem to like to watch movies – and also because I enjoy the work of Michael Cera (you know – George Michael from “Arrested Development” – right?!) and then this zipped by my radar. Maybe I am late to the party – but at least there is still some punch!

Ooh – and before I go – go – go – I wanted to throw out my typical “Advisory” warning . . . there may be some stuff in the videos that tiny people shouldn’t see . . . in the episodes that I have seen – the major cursing has been bleeped out – but some potential badness bleeds through every so often. Consider yourself duly noted.

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