Something (some) pal(s) of mine are doing.

Here is a little television-type of show . . . that is all up on the internet.

It is called “Simpson & Snatch. Houseboat Party.” and even though it may not be appropriate (for babies) – I think that maybe you should go and check it out (unless you are a baby – in which case – I recommend a steady regiment of eating, sleeping aaaaaannnnnnddddd pooping).

They seem to update with a new episode all of every single (pretty much) day – so bully to them for that!

Go here to see it – see it – see it.

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  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    thanks so much!!!!

    we're getting some good feedback.
    it is what it is, right?

    by the way:
    your blog made it into the Creative Loafing's sidebar list of blogs that i think are supposed to even be local thingees? but you are gone! anyway, congrats on that! i blame/credit Andishae.
    i'm on there, too! as is Brian Bannon (self-abasement tapes). you know brian, right? stand up???

    I'm kinda drunk.

  2. N. Bumpercar
    N. Bumpercar says:

    ‘sup MK?!

    of course it is totally good feedback – i have very much enjoyed watching your (mis)adventures . . .

    i just tried pretty hard to figure out how to shoe horn in the joke of “miss” adventures – but then promptly gave up . . . until i just did it there!!

    i had no no no idea about the creative loafing thing . . . i wish that i could find it – too – and then stay on it for a hot minute . . .


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