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Frame 1:

[[Snowflake is alone.]]

Snowflake: Hey you guys – Come real quick – you’ve got to see my newest dance!

Frame 2:

[[Snowflake is standing next to Toucan.]]

Snowflake: Check it out! Check it out!! Check it out!!!

Toucan: Thus better be good – I was just in the middle of waxing my – back!

Frame 3:

[[Snowflake is standing next to Toucan who is standing next to Pup who is standing next to Muffin.]]

Snowflake: left – right – left – right – on and on and left – right…

Toucan: no – no nope no – no nope no – no nope

Pup: Oh man! Now I feel woozey – weak – faint… kinda passey-outey –

Muffin: [I have to get some arms!]

Snowflake # 27 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in

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