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Frame 1:

[[Muffin is alone.]]

Muffin: Oh – superb! Fabulous … you are so Fab-u-lous!!

Frame 2:

[[Toucan is standing next to snowflake.]]

Toucan: So then I say to her… wuaaaaagghh! C-c-c-a-t!

Snowflake: Yay! It’s P.C. whup-pa!

Frame 3:

[[Toucan is standing on Snowflakes head who is standing next to Muffin who is standing next to Pischer Crumple.]]

Toucan: Ugh…

Snowflake: oop

Muffin: Well, this is a bit tense.

Pischer Crumple: pickle – sherbert!

Snowflake # 26 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in

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