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Frame 1:
[[There is a close up of Uncle Doughnut who is on top of Muffin.]]

Uncle Doughnut: Alrighty bear. Since this tubby-bird has become immobile…

Frame 2:
[[Cupcake is on top of Uncle Doughnut who is on top of Muffin who is on top of Toucan who is on top of Pisher Crumple who is on top of Snowflake who is next to Sasafras.]]

Uncle Doughnut: We are going to need you to pick us all up and get to carrying.

Snowflake: Really?!

Uncle Doughnut: Yes. After all that has put us though… he owes us.

Frame 3:
[[There is a close-up of Sasafras.]]

Sasafras: uhm. Well. Okay. Fine. Hop on top.

Snowflake # 220 transcribed by Comic Transcript Authorsnatty bumpercar, bumpercar in

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