Signs of Candler Road

Here are a few signs that I figured needed a good “taking a picture of” treatment. They all live on Candler Road – just around the corner from the old homestead – and I was lucky enough to have a nice shiny day and a spot of time on the day before I hit the road to go out and photograph them.

Of course – it is a pretty frustrating exercise because as soon as I started putting these up – I realized all of the things that I missed taking pictures of . . . boo to me for running out of time. I guess if you are ever near one of the “Sockman” locations or the penguin ice cream sign over by Emory that I designed – or stuff like that . . . then I sure would appreciate you snapping a shot and sending it my way.

Ooh – and and and if/when you do get a chance to send some pictures my way – if you could be a real pal and slather the digital file with bar-b-q sauce and five glasses of sweet tea . . . you would surely win some sort of gold star for the day . . . without the sauce and tea – only a silver star is up for grabs . . . sorry – but (the) times are tough – and I don’t want to spoil anyone.

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  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Oh – believe me – my friend – there was no forgetting . . . I just ran out of time. Yes – ran out of time – even though it is right across the street from Crabby D’s – and taking a picture is a pretty quick process . . . time time time time . . . she was not on the side of me.

    Oh – hamberger – I apologize.

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