Review of Cheerwine

(or – What is there to cheer for really?)

Every so often a product can hold a certain place of mysterious interest. Cheerwine has held one of those slots for a long long time now – and so on my drive to the great north I decided to seize the opportunity to dig through the mystery, put the Cheerwine theories that have been floating around my noggin to some serious sipping tests and also (on a very base level) to quench my almost unquenchable thirst for both knowledge and also mostly for the whole “I like to drink soda pop” thing all at the same time.

I know nothing of the history of the product. What I do know is that it is both a cherry-nated and cola-nated beverage that is presumably designed to bring me some form of ‘Cheer’ by being the ‘wine’ of cola industry – which (to me) sounds tasty fun and classy all at the same time.

I bought a 12 (twelve) pack of cans somewhere in North Carolina and waited until I had a proper glass of crushed ice and a well-rested palette all ready to go. The room was rippling with excitement when I cracked open my first can . . . and I must say that the initial blast of cherry effervescence that hits your nose is nothing if not exhilarating. Then the first taste hit my lips – and I became Mayor Under whelmed, from the under whelming town of Under Welmington – or something like that. There just wasn’t anything there . . . I mean it smelled great – maybe even beyond great – but the taste never made it past the doldrums better left to such sub par sodas as “k-cola” or “chex cola.” Kind of depressed at the whole outcome, I finished the glass and put the rest of the 12 (twelve) pack away – hoping that it just needed to age for a bit or something . . .

Jump forward about a month and a half – and I decided to hop back into the barrel with another can . . . but this time I tried something a little bit different. Instead of using crushed ice – I used ice cubes. Holy cow what a difference there was in that glass! Crushed ice must be the kryptonite to “cherry-goodness” – and when the battle between Cheerwine and tiny bits of ice went all sorts of down in my tumbler – the ice must have gone all “melty” . . .totally knocking and semblance of taste right to the curb – leaving me with a nice smelling shell of a cola.

Since figuring out the trick s of the trade – I have been breaking the Cheewine out every so often on special occasions – pre-chilling both the glass and the can and enjoying my happy classy treat from the Carolina that seems to be on the toppermore situation wise – when compared to the one on the South that is . . .

I’m just talking about North Carolina ya’ll . . .

Uhm – yooze guys . . .

Ahhh – you all . . .

I just don’t know how to end things (sometimes).

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  1. will
    will says:


    I saw this post yesterday? the day before? And well, I admit it now that I’ve gone back and read it, but at first, I skipped it. But I saw the photo.

    This evening at work, somehow popsicles came up. I mentioned the wonderful popsicles from a small, temporary looking storefront in Durham, NC: Locopops.

    Well. This guy then started talking about how the Carolina’s have weird, cool, localized products. His example was… yup, Cheerwine.

    In my previous thirty odd years of random conversations, you know how many times Cheerwine came up? I’m not telling you.

    (He also had some example from Winston-Salem but the cheerwine shock prevents me from remembering.)

    So… cheers!

  2. Alan
    Alan says:

    Cheerwine is the best soda ever created and I always buy a pack every 2 weeks. But for the overal taste words can not discribe the intse flavor you rceeve from this soad drink

  3. n.bumpercar
    n.bumpercar says:

    indeed mister alan . . . indeed – cheerwine does indeed rule . . . i wish i had a cool glass of it in front of me right . . . NOW!

    Thanks – for – reading!

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