Puffs with Vicks – Hooray!

Puffs Review
I was at the big store walking around the other day – and found myself mulling around the tissue aisle. Needless to say – I was pretty put out by how terrible the box designs were – but one thing did manage to tweak my interest in a moderately positive way. It was a box – sligtly unlike the other boxes . . .  it was almost like there was a slight glow – the glow of health and supremacy – coming from the box. I had to stop and investigate.

It was a box of Puffs plus . . . with Vicks. “They have gone too far!” I yelled in my head. “How many more things can they possibly add to a tissue?” I needled at myself. I then – while holding a box – looked at a lady – arched my eyebrow and said with measured incredulity “This is simply too much!” as I tossed the box back onto the shelf and went on my merry way. I am pretty sure that she agreed with me.

The only problem was that the gears, cogs and wheels in my head started spinning – as they often do with new products – and then I came to the conclusion that I needed to try them. So – on my way to the pencil factory – where we make the best pencils in the business – I picked up a box. My world has changed – yet again – this time for the better.

I love them so much. I just wave them around in the air – smelling the Vicks smell feeling my breathing get a tiny bit less constricted and getting slightly nauseous. Then – when it is actually time to use them – it is confusing bliss. The need to blow my nose gets all twisted up with the desire to breath in deep the aroma of health – and things get goopy. I am still working on the goopy part. I will overcome.

Next up will be tissues that have all of this stuff – but that are also connected to social networking sites – and that alert your doctor as to if you are sick and how sick you are – and that will call you a car service to go to the airport to get to the drier climates out west – where there are good prospects for hard working folk – and stuff like that. The future is coming – and ain’t she a beaut?!

  1. will
    will says:

    A co-worker brought me a box of those. I promptly put a tissue up each nostril, until I realized I couldn’t smell the markers anymore. Trade-offs!