Oooh – some great food – some great food.

Hello everyone!

Let me grab your gaze – gently – gently – good! Now that I have that in hand – let me (if you would please) direct it (your gaze) towards the blog of a pal of mine (who is not into pantomime . . .) – that I just discovered – and by discovered – I don’t mean dug up in an ancient and far away sarcophagus . . . but instead – mean discovered – as in – was told about it by the writer – herself.

Just so that you know what you are getting into . . . it is a food blog – and not like my food talking – where I inevitably and invariably end up talking about burgers (like there is any other worthwhile food) . . . but she seems to talk about all kinds of food. Including pie – which is good good food.

Here is your link ( . . . now sally forth and find out how to properly make a pear and dried cherry pie – yum!

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