Oh – The Horror!

I made the bold move to go to White Castle tonight for some food things.

Well – imagine my level of terror when a verbal altercation started between the man that came in asking if he could use the bathroom and the guy behind the counter – who wouldn’t let the guy use the bathroom without buying something first.

Where does the terror come in?

Well – the terror reared it’s ugly head when the bathroom guy started to leave the restaurant. About halfway to the door, he stopped and – while muttering to himself – he just started peeing on the trashcan . . .

There were 18 people in the restaurant and only one person had any reaction other than to stare at their feet and pretend that the world was a normal place. That one person was this gigantic guy – who was squeezed into a booth – who just kept yelling “DAMN!” over and over.

Even though my stomach had left me – I had already paid for the food. So – when my number was called – I grabbed my morsels and quickly skirted past the defiled area.

I’m pretty positive that I won’t be crossing the pee grounds to the pee drawbridge to go over the pee moat to enter the pee castle again for quite some time.

I mean seriously . . .

  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    NO WAY!
    that’s pretty awesome.
    i love that the one guy was yelling DAMN!

    i got into a verbal argument MYSELF (not with myself, but me and someone else) at a Krystal! in college. it had to do with someone thinking (and yelling) that i’d cut in line. which i may have, but not on purpose. i mean, it was uga at like 2 in the am. airybotty drunk or high, right? give a sister a break!