Nine Mouse Who? Nine Mouse Stew.

I think that you should probably scoot over to a little website by the name of “Nine Mouse Stew” and see what is going on. I just had to restrain myself from saying that you should go and ‘see what’s cooking’ – there was a great deal of temptation there – because there is a stew – which infers cooking and . . . jokes!

With tiny paintings like “a snail may not follow the brightest light” and “squids prefer to slide down” – as well as some animations and other doodads to check out . . . I think that you just may find some stuff that you will enjoy.

Here are several words from the site to point you in a direction.

The interstitial moments that occur between memorable events tend to be forgotten or go unnoticed.

Alright then cowpokes – thanks for looking around. Now go and look around some more.

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  1. bobo
    bobo says:

    That's the best web site I've ever seen. Ever. Anywhere. I mean, anything I've ever seen on the internet other than NMS (that's what the hep cats call it) is just drivel. Yah, I said it. Drivel. And I'm unbiased.

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    All right there you two . . . how about a little pat on the back for this here little website – or does it happen to fall into the 'drivel' category?!

    Oh – Bobo . . . not you too.

    Now I will go and look at the 'news' section at NMS to leave ridiculous comments.

  3. nics
    nics says:

    omg bobo! you are toooo much.
    i’m trying to be better about my blog. and it looks much prettier now.
    go look.
    click on “news”.

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