New Sheriff in Town (One Week Ago)

Today is Thanksgiving and I am on the train going into the city to do the job. The train is pretty empty – I suppose that most people who were going to be traveling probably already did. It is a nice switch from the mobs that have been packing the commute for the last couple of weeks to get their piece of city holiday spice. Because while pieces of spice are nice . . . packed trains are not.
On the train – there are 3 (three) seaters and 2 (two) seaters. I usually opt for the 3 (three) seaters when the train is empty so that I can fall asleep if the need hits me – which it seems to a bunch these days.
Today there were so many empty seats that I didn’t even think of hopping into a big three and setting my bag – my pillow – next to me. Then Mister Conductor came up – a fill in for the holiday – not my normal conductor who is nice and makes jokes with the passengers – and says “You gotta move that bag in case somebody wants that seat.” Confused – I said “Excuse me?” And he just repeated that I had to move the bag. I looked past him and pointed out that there were 5 (five) rows of empty seats across the aisle and he said to move the bag.
I would totally love for a better ending – but all that happened was that I scootched the bag over, no one sat next to me and I fell asleep about 30 (thirty) minutes into the trip. How’s that for excitement?!

  1. owlet
    owlet says:

    The fill-ins are always a bunch of grouches. Though, there’s this one regular on the 7:05 that’s one tough nut. She yelled at a pregnant lady about her bag creeping into the aisle. She’s pregnant. She can’t lift the bag. Didn’t even offer to help. Yeesh!