My Pal(s) Totally have a magazine!

Did I tell you guys that I have a little comic strip in a magazine?! The magazine is called Daily Constitutional – as you may have guessed from that there picture picture at the top up there . . . and the comic is called “The Island.”
[As you maybe could have imagined] It is all about some tiny/silly animals. They live on an island (is this all coming together now)?! And they do some things and talk about some stuff. The two main characters are a pig (named “pig”) and a giraffe (who almost definitely has a name all of his own). Pig has a crush on a penguin (who is named “receptionist”) who happens to work at the hot gallery around town. Everything was going around swimmingly (in the first two comics) until the third – where some serious stuff started to go down. Some seriously serious stuff – for serious.
Here is an article at the about the magazine Utne Reader – so that is nifty . . . really everything about pretty much everything is pretty nifty.

Hooray for John Henry Blatter and Derek Cote (the two guys in chiggity – chiggity – charge) for putting out their magazine and also for allowing me to pursue my never ending desire to do more work based on the lives of tiny/silly animals . . . it is what I live for.

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  1. Kristina
    Kristina says:

    nifty! congrats on the comic strip, and thanks for the link to the magazine. I've passed it on to several people. :-)

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    But of course – but of course – but of course!

    Glad to be “Mister Helpful” (and it is in quotes for totally secret reasons . . .)

    I only wish that there was someplace to see the actual comic – comic – comics.

    Teedle – Heedle – Hoo.

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