Much to do – much to do!

Well – well – well – Mister Bumpercar . . . How nice of you to come back to your little website!

Very nice – indeed!

Today, we are going to set the table a bit. Much has gone on in the last couple of weeks – and so now, we here at headquarters have to be super-ultra-diligent and get to write – write – writing and draw – draw – drawing to get you all of the fun.

What kind of fun is in the works?!

Well, I drank the worst soda of my life, I ate a tacklebox, the boy has been shipped off – but not before recording some more audio for a new Bumperpodcast, Snowflake and his pals have resigned their contracts – so they’ll be back on Friday, I visited a Cod, there is a nasty virus among us, recorded a new Know Show, took a little trip South of the border – and blobbity – blobbity – blobbity.

Much to do – much to do!

And before I forget – there are enough “Lock it up” and “You lose I find” photos to keep us afloat for quite awhile – and – I’ve had a helper-mouse scanning Ant comics in – so those are coming back as well . . .

Much to do – much to do!

Did I mention Cup-it? Or the balloons in the tree? What about the panther that got loose at the zoo – the day that the gang was there??!!

Jeez . . .

Where do I even start?!