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Show Transcript:

Moondog 0:04
Hey, this is the moondog. Show. And I am your man moondog. Wow, that’s right monster I hear what you saying I hate what you slang and I hear what you all portraying. Let’s get it up. Everybody’s talking about your weekend. What did you do this weekend monster?

Oh, that’s right. Moondog agrees with you 100% 100% 100 per-cent What about you listen to us were you all out there this weekend? Well you all love that party and we you all love that dancing listen to what my monster thinks about that come on monster tell them if you would please

everybody act like you know well you know what monster you know what time it is for right now it’s time for a phone scam. So let’s get down with the moon dog and monster show and see if we can make some fun for all of y’all driving into work today

what we’re gonna do is call them yeah All right everybody so we have had all producer over there give it up for producer one time I’m

Producer 1:51
not exactly sure how I got from the show but it seems to pay well and it’s very well produced if I do say for me brother sir

Moondog 2:00
that’s right producer we usually don’t like you coming on the air because you wreck our flow but today you know you know you know what you’re doing. So what we have on the phone right now for dusu build it up for us if you will,

Producer 2:13
by we have a fun scammer we have got the place and we there’s a person is waiting on the phone right now to talk to you. He thinks that you guys are going to come into his place of business and we’re going to take money through there and by the thought of the things and it’s going to be very funny. Okay.

Moondog 2:40
I concur with my man monster. This does not sound like it’s going to pan out to be much but let me just lay this out for my audience out in the automobiles driving around town to win what they feel. My name again is Mone dog. Your name is galls monster. Wow. Yeah, we got a man. We’re gonna change his name so as not to give up his identity. We’re gonna call him the silvius because we’re gonna try to make him blow up this morning. We have him on the line. Producer has set all this up. He thinks we’re gonna be coming into his place of business and spending money but guess what, everybody? We’re gonna pull the rug out from under him. He’s not gonna know what happened. And bring blank room bow. You don’t get no money from us. All right, monster. You ready?

Natty Bumpercar 3:36
Hello. Hello. may I ask is calling. Yeah. Hello. Is this? Yeah, hi, it is uhm. Who is this man? What’s going on? Why are you? Wait, I am sorry. Maybe the phone has got disconnected. You sounded no

Moondog 4:01
no different person there. Oh, no, my brother. No, no, my friend. No, no, you know, it’s me from the beginning to the end. So I was going you will you have a business establishment? Or do you do not

Natty Bumpercar 4:15
have a podcasting studio have a podcast? It’s not like a place of business necessarily, but it’s I guess Sure. That there is again, it’s maybe it’s my connection. Is it? Okay, yeah. Oh, something’s going weird with this phone call. Anyway, I’m kind of busy right now. Can you can you call me back? No, no, that’s what you need.

Moondog 4:39
Yeah. Let me talk to you about Mr. Mustapha leaves. Let me talk to you about please Oh, please let me talk you about the bumblebees up in the sky. Because that’s what I want to talk to you about. Because what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come in do stall, we’re gonna come in and spend all kinds of money all kinds of money. I know on your business. Okay. I don’t

Natty Bumpercar 5:00
So again, I have a bit less like a brick and mortar, it’s not a store. I’m just Hey, so I’m Natty Bumpercar. And I have a podcast studio. And that I run from headquarters. It’s called the bumper podcast. And sometimes we do rent out spots, but you would have to actually, I don’t schedule that stuff that’s more through my friend, producer. He’s not my friend. He He’s the producer. I mean, we’re not friends. I mean, work acquaintances. We know each other. I mean, we’ve, you know, anyway, he’s nice. And if you want you can call back and I won’t answer and you can leave a message for him. And then he can call you back just leave all your name your name again. I’m sorry.

Moondog 5:45
I’m so sorry. I did not leave my name. My name is dog. And you will have been phone scammed my friend. What did you say on a once again, I

Natty Bumpercar 5:57
said it was Natty Bumpercar and your name is moon dog.

Moondog 6:08
Right you are on the moon dog and monster morning show Mr. Natty Bumpercar This is the phone scam. Bah bah bah bah. You got got you just got got everybody do that dance. You just got got you just got got everybody you got Come on. Okay, is

Natty Bumpercar 6:33
that you? don’t sound like a real radio. Are you a radio show? Are you like what do you How did you get my number? Is this really a phone scam? It doesn’t really feel like one I guess nothing really happened was kind of yell

Moondog 6:48
at me. What do you mean nothing really happened? This is the moon dog and monster show and you got God. Everybody did the dance. Everybody knows that. You got God. Okay. So it was pretty hilarious. It was pretty fun. But now we’re gonna go over to the phones to see what everybody thinks about what we did to you today.

Producer 7:10
Hi, there. My name is Ron Ron. And I telling producers this you, producer? Oh, yeah, I know. Yeah. It’s you. What do you What are you doing? Yeah, I did. Okay, yeah.

Natty Bumpercar 7:28
Whoa, that’s moon doggy and monster show that’s producer. And when I was saying earlier that if you wanted to rent the studio, then you’d have to come in and talk to produce it that’s actually producing. So what are you? Where are you recording this? I’m just curious. Man. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume I don’t like to assume but I’m gonna guess how about that. I will guess that that was monster speaking there. So if moon doggy or maybe producer could come in and just kind of explain to me what’s happening right now. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Moondog 8:20
Yeah. Now so this is again, Mr. Moon dog and I’m just gonna talk to you like a normal man. The man. What happened was what had happened was producer approached us and

Producer 8:31
Nick Oh, hold on. There was a flyer for people looking for broadcast studios. And so I called it because I know we’re trying to fill up the slots so we can pay the bills. And I’m trying to make sure that we get people in to rent their space. And these maandag in his friend the monster came into the place and didn’t they weren’t they didn’t make the face kind of a path to chaos this morning, Jeff, but he’s bad cast really so. Okay. All right. This is making a little bit more sense. So producer found your number he called to schedule you in the podcast studio. So you could record your

Moondog 9:14
podcast, we actually prefer to refer to it as an internet radio show. Isn’t that right monster.

Natty Bumpercar 9:30
So it I don’t, it doesn’t matter. So podcast, internet, radio, whatever you want to call it. You came into the studio to record your show. And it’s called the moon doggy and monster morning show even though it’s really just whenever, which is fine. That’s just semantics, neither here nor there. And then producer you’re involved because I think you kind of people schedule it out. And they get you as a producer

Producer 9:56
through and yeah, so you know, you don’t just want to rent a space. intends to brand the menu bar. And so I come in and I just make sure the levels are straight and make sure that nobody does anything bad to the space. And so, but they put me into the show like they were like, oh, producer, you want to talk? A little balloon, balloon shuffle. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful voice. And so I said, Of course I’ll do it for you. You know you’re paying for the space. Yeah. Yeah, he said to do a farm scam and they didn’t have any buddies numbers. I called you. I mean, here we are. Okay, that’s

Natty Bumpercar 10:35
fine. All right. It all makes sense now. Much more so than things normally make sense around here. We rented the space. This show producer produced it. You guys call me? And now I’m in on the fun phone scam. Fun. What a hoot. All right. No producer I should be in this week two, record a new bumper podcast. Okay, this week. Okay. Okay. Now I hate to ask this

Moondog 11:00
because it’s not really my ballyhoo. But are we paying for this time because we are very limited in funds and budget. Let’s just say if you were in there saying then you’re paying.

Unknown Speaker 11:32
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