Today, the bus pulled up to Headquarters and out jumbled what I like to call the ‘future’!

I’ll bet that you are asking yourself what in the world this old Bumpercar is yapping about … Well, I am – of course – talking about new intern day … whoop-whoop!

Wait – “new intern” day?! Yes, indeedy!

It also – just so happens to be first intern day – which everyone around Headquarters hopes will transition seamlessly into the aforementioned  new intern day moving forward into the future.

  • What does the new intern do? Well, new intern is going to tackle the million and one things that my brain won’t allow me to do – so that my brain can then move over to doing other things that it absolutely needs to and has to do.
  • What is the new interns name? The new interns name is Mind-Your-Beeswax … at least until we can come up with an appropriate nickname – that is.
  • How long will new intern be around the site? Weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks and then off into the big-time world new intern gets pushed.

Sit tight and maybe at some point new details will emerge …

Also – also – also … If you want to be an intern for – then totally let us know – because we promise that we have more to do than we can even imagine – and – we have a tremendous imagination.