Hooray for Problem Solving!

Here is a photo that was taken somewhere – the where part of it isn’t important at all – not even a little bit at all.

What is important is the ingenuity and the problem solving skills that are being displayed against what could (potentially) have been a real deal breaker. People need water – that is a scientific fact – but water and electrical outlets are not the best of friends – another “scientific fact.” Sooooo in comes a true pioneering spirit that spits in the face of danger for the sake of need. But that spirit does not take the form of moving the water away from the electricity (that would be like admitting defeat) – nor is it in the form of (government subsidized) “duct tape” – my friend – no – indeed just several well placed strips of good old American masking tape were needed to keep this particular party rolling.

This problem has totally been solved . . . now have a drink of water – and move along – little doggie!