Hooray for being back –

What is going on – kittens?!

I took a bit of a break – probably went to some island with some beach and drank some sort of local exotic fruit cocktail with whipped cream while watching y trusty sidekick (Socks) rolling in the sand and running from the splash of the ocean waves . . . Or – maybe I just ran around the Jersey of Jerseytown and made good on some of the more festive traditions of the season – while desperately trying to avoid the dipping temperatures that dipped and dipped and dipped a little more – – – I maybe did one or the other – – – it is tough to decide which. did you even notice?

Did you holiday? What did you do? Was it more fun – more fun – than stew? Did you open some presents – a lot – or a few? What did you do? What did you do??

The fun thing is that it is poised to be a big month – either big – great – or big booooooooooo . . . and while there are a couple of secrets that I still need to hide up in my sleeves – there is a bunch of stuff that is already done that I can finally roll out and show you.

So – sit back – relax – and wonder – I mean – really wonder what is going on with Snowflake up there – his friends sure are a bunch of odd ducks . . .

Hooray and more hooray!