Hello Doctor . . .

Today – I ended up shuttling myself over to see the doctor – mostly because of this chronic illness (yes – a week is chronic to me) and also because going to the doctor is such a blast. Luckily – a little bird was able to give me all of the information that I needed – from all the way across the country – or else I would never have had any idea as to how to find a doctor to go to, what kind of insurance I (evidently) have – or any of that other stuff that most people seem to be able to navigate all by themselves . . . it was bad enough that there were forms to fill out . . . I am miserable with forms – of any kind. I would rather draw cupcakes.

Anyways-er-oonie – the doctor was swell – and basically said that I have some sort of viral thing – and that all of the room spinning dizziness that I have been enjoying for the last couple of days is part of the bug – and it should all go away in a couple of weeks. Yeah – a couple of weeks.

She did assure me – after this great test where she grabbed my head and twisted it to the side three quick times before laying me down and flashing a light into my eyes – that I was young – and that there weren’t really any chances of it being a stoke. So that was reassuring.

Now I am off to squirt some stuff up my nose, take the dog for a walk and then adventure over to an airport to find my little lost bird that is currently flying her way home.

Squirt – squirt – walk – walk – tweet – tweet – tweet.