Headquarters Shift

Boxes and bags and bundles and piles are being gathered. Marching orders are being drawn up and barked out. Irving is being shipped out in an early exploratory mission to find out whatever information that he can.

The air-locks are being opened and the moorings released as the year in our temporary headquarters is finally drawing to a close. Don’t worry – though – we aren’t quite as aimless as we have been for the last chunk of time. The gang is all moving to Clair Mountain in the newest of all of the Jerseys in the land – and the excitement threatens to bubble over and cloud our vision every day closer that we get.

It will be the first time in forever that we get to see our stuff, have our stuff, hold our stuff and do our things without any (foreseen) hurdles in our path. We get to thwart the huge distance discombobulation that has been riding high on our shoulders for the last while upon while upon while. Did I mention that the giddiness is overwhelming?!

Everything is pretty abstract at this point – where is any of the stuff that I am pretty sure that we had – or did we ever actually even have that at any point anyway – how did it all hold up through the last year wrapped in paper ad stacked in boxes. Will our stuff even want to interact with us at all – or will it hold an odd grudge at being left behind for so long – stewing the whole time at not getting the chance to fight the good fight. Or will the awkwardness of distance and time just wash away as soon as the boxes are opened . . .

All-right cadets. I am signing off for at least the next week (or so) – because there is so much to do – so much to unpack – and so many (re) introductions to take care of. Don’t you worry about us – though – we have been waiting for this for awhile now.

Hooray – Hurah – Huzzah – it’s moving time!

  1. N. Bumpercar
    N. Bumpercar says:

    What in the world is this “Nnnnn Jaye” of which you speak??

    Oh – yeah – when I typed it out up there – it all became as clear as a bell. You are referring to the Jerksey of the newest varieties.

    I said that with love.

    I don’t think that anyone is “Jerksey” at all.

    Everyone come visit.