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Howdy gang –

Are you going to be in (or around) Baltimore, Maryland, at any point between September 26 and October 13?! Well – if you happen to be – then go and see some spiffy paintings by my pal nicole. Here is her website (www.ninemousestew.com).
The show is at a place by the name of the Amalie Rothschild Gallery at the Creative Alliance – and the gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday.

Oh – and sorry about the spotty image up there – my scanner needs a good shower.

Zoom – zoom – zoom.

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  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    wait – are you serious?! i was the one in the corner wearing the red dress . . . i figured that there would be no way that you could miss me – i mean seriously . . . i was wearing a red dress . . .

    jeez – what does a guy have to do to get noticed in the art world anyway?!

  2. will
    will says:

    Dammit, I had lunch money x 3 (figured we'd steal her along with us), and you never came by! And now I'm the one in trouble. Thanks a lot.

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