Friday Photo [#25] – Why – Hello Miss Turner.

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  1. bobo
    bobo says:

    Do you know what "ABC" stands for? Weren't you a fire marshal in high school… grade school… whenever that was. Could you do another review? I think one on "Land of the Lost" would be keen. I'm watching it now with two friends and three bottles of wine and its quite good. "Run cha-ka run!"

  2. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    oooh – a quiz . . . i actually do not remember what the "ABC" stands for – and to answer your other question – it is entirely possible that i was indeed a fire marshal at some point in my life – it sounds oddly familiar . . . but that is all too vague for me.

    i imagine that if it got me out of class – then i was probably all for whatever extracurricular activity i could jam my nose into . . . and look at me now . . . missing out on "land of the lost" – oh well – such is life.

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