First Email Newsletter!

Today, I went through the process of putting my first email newsletter together on MailChimp …and it was a pretty big blast! It was like a much more convoluted version of writing a blog post – with several test emails going out and a couple of chats with the technical support – because I can be dense about figuring stuff out sometimes and then a bump of excitement when I hit the “Click here to send” button.

It was supposed to only go to the people that ordered stickers – but – I couldn’t figure that out at all … so – everyone on the list got it … sorry!

I’m telling you – it was the highlight of my day … seriously – maybe it wasn’t – but – c’mon … work with me here. The actual highlight of my day was when I found an uneaten 1/2 of a 1/2 of a Twix bar behind a box of tissues on my desk – that is a highlight to really blow my trumpet about!

The only thing with the email list is that I checked and re-checked that all of the everything was working and spiffy – and then I went and missed a tiny little part … Oh well …

The best thing is that – now – I can go to the Mailchimp dashboard and watch as people click – and – there are all kinds of nifty stats. Stats are fun and engrossing …. Mailchimp might be my new fun shiny toy … Sign up over there on the right of the site if you want to get awesome fun emails with news and specials and treats … You do like getting treats – don’t you??

Huzzah for treats!