Ferocious Burn

Today I was cooking up some swell food – spicy italian sausage in the oven at 400 degrees – while red onion and zucchini were sauteing in some olive oil – all getting ready to hop into a pot of whole grain egg noodles. When – in the process of putting the super-heavy cast iron frying pan back into the oven, a conflageration of miserable happened. Stuff started to slosh out of the pan – I moved to adjust my angle – the towel that I was using to hold the pan shifted and then I was holding the hell hot metal.

Ice and cold water were my friends for the next couple of hours and every time I would try to go without – yowza! -pain – pain – pain.

I considered sticking a knife onto my foot to distract the pain – but decided that was a horrible idea.

In the end – I probably learned some lesson – not really sure what it is – still too distracted by my dumb hand.

Hopefully the food will be good and make it all a little worthwhile.

Otherwise – I guess there is always the knife option. Or not. Or maybe. Or maybe not. Or ouch!

  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    bad burns are brutal.
    and unfortunately, they don’t really feel too much better with time, like a cut might. i mean, eVENTUALLY, it will, but….. yechhh! sorry about that. it’s so irritating, isn’t it? and it’s probably the hand you do everything with.
    amidst your pain and suffering, this made me chuckle, though: “hell hot metal.”
    i like that.