Doing some "Viral Marketing"

Just so that you guys know – I am pretty darn near (to) sure that next wednesday (which is April 4th) – I going to be somewhere telling some people some stories about some stuff.

Not (meaning) to be vague or anything – but it I am really trying to get into this whole “viral marketing” thing that the kids seem to love so much these days. The kind of thing where I drop a few hints here and there – like along a little ginger bread path – leading ever forward and onward towards the eventual big payoff.

So what I have worked out for this super secret way of getting info across are a series of hints and clues cleverly peppered through the post about me being the guest monologist at the Doug Dank Project next Wednesday, April 4th, at the Push-Push Theater . . .

Your first clue is “Bluebird – Whale – Singing – Whipperole.” Now go forth and follow the little ginger bread path to the end.