Dear Website –


Hi there website . . . I see you – over there – looking at me . . . all hang-dog expression – all sad – because you think that I have run away and forgotten all about you.

Well – buck up camper . . . You see – there was this teeny tiny baby born – and so there had been a bit of transitioning going on – but that is all going super well – and so – I swears that I’ll be back writing silly stuff and putting pictures of the things up really – really soon. Look at it this way . . . the baby is definitely going to give me all kinds of new stuff to write about – right?!

I guess that it could be debated – that in writing this post – that I am actually fulfilling some of my website duties . . . But look at me being all logical – sorry about that.

Oop! That baby is making some funny noises – so I have to run – but I will be all kinds of back really really soon.

Seriously – I swears!