Cleaning up the ship

Howdy all!

I was recently struck with the notion that it is almost impossible to find anything on this website. And that thought made me kind of nauseous.

In doing some poking around . . . I found out that we are within barking distance of 1,000 posts. Have you read them all?! That is a ridiculous question . . . because of course you haven’t. You can’t find them. I can’t even find them. Ugh.

Every day I make and make and make stuff – and then – as if it were made from ice – or – cotton candy . . . it all just disappears into the ether. How is that for a stink-bomb?!

So – I have decided to divert some of my miniscule attention to making it easier to find stuff and read stuff about lots of different kinds of stuff. Hopefully that will make everything a little easier for all of us . . . and hopefully I won’t break the site in the process.

Look! There is already an archive button up there . . . and over to the right – a way to look at all posts in certain categories?! And – lastly – if you click to read a post – then there might be links to related posts around there somewhere . . . Still trying to figure everything out. Brilliant!

Stay tuned!