So here I sit. In my castle. Whiling my time away. I can get a mite bored – so I talk to my dog – but he usually doesn’t have much to say. So now I talk to a mic – because that’s less crazy – and it’s easy to convince myself that I am just procrastinating . . . and not being lazy. So – thanks for the listen – you get a gold star. Hopefully you will enjoy what you hear. Hardy-har-har-har.

Let’s make a menu!

A confusing jumbled menu . . .

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Shhhhhh . . . The baby is sleeping . . . So we all need to whisper.

I think I’ll whisper about a dragon – if I dare.

Whispering about a dragon.

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I think that theis Bumperpodcast talks about whiskers . . . and wicker. It does not – however – delve into Wiccans – or – Wicket W. Warick . . . so – don’t get too excited.

Whiskers and Wicker.

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This is a Bumperpodcast first. Two shows in one week. Two shows in two days. Too bad this one is just asking for forgiveness.

Please bear in mind that Headquarters is under attack.

These are serious times.

Mea Culpa.

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Telephones have been brought to the bumperpodcast studio! And that would be great news – however – as things tend to do around these parts . . . Nothing goes quite as planned.

Cease and Dismiss.

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