So here I sit. In my castle. Whiling my time away. I can get a mite bored – so I talk to my dog – but he usually doesn’t have much to say. So now I talk to a mic – because that’s less crazy – and it’s easy to convince myself that I am just procrastinating . . . and not being lazy. So – thanks for the listen – you get a gold star. Hopefully you will enjoy what you hear. Hardy-har-har-har.

Spooky Scary!

I’m probably not afraid – But Maybe you should make sure to listen to this Bumperpodcast in a well lit room – during the day – surrounded by loved ones – because otherwise you may get a bit twitchy and itchy and nervous.

It’s our Bumperpodcast October frightener. Hold onto your tour guide!


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We get into some moderadelty hot waters with listeners – after some ill advised money grubbing schemes are brought to light.

Apologetic and Apopleptic.

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Ooh! It’s invention time . . . But – do we actually ever get to talk about the inventions?!

Listen to find out.

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Not only were we off the rails in this episode – but – to my knowledge – I’m honestly not even sure if rails were even seen at any point.

Better luck next time?!

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A baby is born . . . and sometimes he makes some noises – I try to figure out some of the noises.

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