Bumperpodcast 79 – The flies have it

Things aren’t going well in Headquarters … Maybe you can help us with it – or – maybe you know someone who can help us with the situation … A critter has potentially passed away in the attic …

And the flies – oh dear goodness graciousness – the flies.

Someone help … please.

If you think that you can help us – then email us at bumperpodcast@nattybumpercar.com.


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  1. Natty Bumpercar
    Natty Bumpercar says:

    That is both comforting and gross all at the same time, Jason. One flaw that I see is – what if after the flies ‘consume’ the dead one – – if – – if – – they turn on me?!?

    I’m delicious …

  2. Braxton Hendricks
    Braxton Hendricks says:

    Just don’t operate your teleportation device until you get rid of all the flies; if you get genetically fused with one of those suckers, things start off great, but end very messy.

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