Bumperpodcast #429 – Season 3 – Telephone

“Telephone” is a hilarious episode from the Bumperpodcast, an improvised comedy podcast set in the quirky town of Coffee-Can Alley. In this episode, Natty Bumpercar, Rufus T. Rufus, Producer, and Aloysius J. Pig find themselves grappling with the boredom and restlessness that comes with not being able to produce their beloved podcast. As they navigate their way through this newfound void, their comedic chemistry and improvisational skills shine through.

The gang’s attempts to fill the podcast-shaped hole in their lives lead them down a rabbit hole of hilarious and unpredictable scenarios. From off-the-wall conversations to spontaneous antics, “Telephone” showcases the cast’s knack for finding humor in even the most mundane situations. As they strive to overcome the boredom, the gang’s witty banter and infectious laughter will keep you entertained and laughing along.

“Telephone” is a testament to the Bumperpodcast’s ability to bring laughter and entertainment through the art of improvisation. The episode highlights the camaraderie and comedic genius of the cast, reminding listeners of the joy that comes from shared laughter, even in the face of monotony. So sit back, relax, and join Natty Bumpercar and the gang as they navigate the comedic challenges of their podcasting hiatus in Coffee-Can Alley.

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The Natty Bumpercar Bumperpodcast
The Natty Bumpercar Bumperpodcast
Natty Bumpercar

Every week, Natty Bumpercar presents a few ounces of ridiculousness with a dash or two of stupefaction. It's totes banoo!