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Natty Bumpercar 0:04
boy oh boy oh boy.

Hi, everybody, it’s me Natty Bumpercar And this is the bumper podcast. Now, you might be wondering, why are you so excited Natty? What can possibly be so great that you’re so excited? Well, we decided that we’re going to bring back a cool new segment here on the bumper podcast, with our pow Aloysius J pig. It’s called pig interviews. And so without further ado, I’m gonna

Aloysius J. Pig 0:34
Hey, Natty. What did we do? What are you doing? I do want an intro for the pig interviews thing.

Natty Bumpercar 0:38
Yeah, I’m super excited. Like, we haven’t done an interview and so long like, and people used to love those. And we did the interviews and so I’m,

Aloysius J. Pig 0:47
I’m super excited. Yeah, excitement might be a little bit premature, as they say in the business. As I know, we talked about doing an interview, but I actually don’t have any kind of interview set up. We we never actually did that. Oh,

Natty Bumpercar 1:03
wait, but I thought we talked about doing it. And I figured that since it’s your second segment that you were just gonna go and like find somebody to interview and, and do it. Like, you set everything up.

Aloysius J. Pig 1:15
I we’ve known each other for a long time. Now, I think and I think it’s, it’s very presumptuous of you to assume that I’m going to discuss, we kind of talk about something that I’m then going to just get up and go do it. Like, you know, I need I need a list. It’s a bullet point or something No, like an actual call to action or something. But But I

Natty Bumpercar 1:39
I don’t want to waste the podcast on this. But we had a meeting. And everybody was like, you know, how can I be more involved and producer we talked to him about what he can do. Which was I think, like make new music beds because this was getting kind of old. We talked to Rufus about I don’t remember what I talked to him about honestly, but we talked to you about we talked to do to poodle about making new artwork for every episode. And but we talked to you and we said okay, pig, you want to thing you had this pig interviews and just go go and do that again. And I did you did you did you need more? Like, like, yeah, like I said,

Aloysius J. Pig 2:15
I wanted I wanted some bullet points. You know, I mean, I work off of lists, and I work off of bullet points. So if you could just put that into bullet points and I think I would very much appreciate it and then I could be up be out on my way out my business and

Natty Bumpercar 2:30
whatnot. Okay, cool. So here’s your bullet list. Ready? Go do an interview. That’s it. Bullet go do an interview Aloysius. That’s, that’s that’s your list. Really. If you want me to break it down, find someone to interview and then interview them. That’s really it’s all you have to do. And then we will put the segment pig interviews back into the show. Is that okay? I sound mad. I think I sound Do I sound angry?

Rufus T. Rufus 3:00
Me Rufus. Rufus. I just heard there’s an argument going on in here and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. You know, as the resident lawyer and also sometimes the HR department, I like to stay on top of things tipped up things and I’m trying to make sure that everything is smooth like butter. So Is everything okay?

Aloysius J. Pig 3:21
Yeah, no, it’s so it’s not okay. Cuz Bumpercar Over there. He evidently we had some meeting and I mean, I don’t know, you know, we have all these meetings. It’s always like, Oh, look at my schedule. It’s like, oh, we have a meeting. Oh, we have another meeting. Meeting. The meeting. I have an email about the meeting about the minutes too many meetings. So I kind of might maybe I zoned out. I don’t know. I don’t remember. But evidently, he’s expecting me to interview here today. And I ain’t got one so and he’s all you know, he’s all up in arms about it. And I don’t know what to do. Well, yeah, I’m

Natty Bumpercar 3:52
frustrated. But I don’t want to make the whole show about this. So we’re just going to move on. We’re not going to have an interview. And that’s fine. It’s we’ll just talk about something else. I’m gonna have any ideas? Yeah, I

Rufus T. Rufus 4:05
got me an idea. It’s gonna make everybody happy. Aloysius, you’re gonna get your interview. And Nana you’re going to you’re going to be able to calm down a bit. Why don’t

Natty Bumpercar 4:18
we’re not going to interview you Rufus. Absolutely not. That’s not it. No, absolutely

Rufus T. Rufus 4:22
not. I wasn’t saying that. What I was saying was, you know, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you interview one of your children bumper car?

Aloysius J. Pig 4:31
Are they still around? Are they still okay? I’m fine with that if that’s what we want to do. Go bumpy go rascal wrangler one year, kids. Let’s do this.

Natty Bumpercar 4:40
Bumpy. Okay, I’ll be right back. You guys do what you will.

Aloysius J. Pig 4:43
Yeah. Huh. I don’t really know what oh, hey, wait, there’s one of them. Now go grab Rufus. Go grab that one. You wait would child please come on over here. We’re

Rufus T. Rufus 4:54
gonna Aloysius wants to say hi to you.

Aloysius J. Pig 4:57
Okay. Hi, Al. At wacky I always forget I get you to mixed up. Which one? Which one? Are you? Are you? Are you being? Are you rice? Are you? Chicken? Are you rice? I’m very hungry evidently.

Emerson 5:11
No, I’m Emerson.

Aloysius J. Pig 5:13
Wait, are you serious? That’s actually your name?

Emerson 5:16

Aloysius J. Pig 5:18
Great. So I guess I’m supposed to end have you weigh anything going on in the world that you get excited about? Maybe

Emerson 5:27

Natty Bumpercar 5:28
Hey, guys. Good. You found Emerson pig. So are you? Are you just going to talk to him? Or is that what’s going on?

Aloysius J. Pig 5:34
Yep. Yeah, so you can go on about your day. Bumpercar And I’m gonna sit here and we’re gonna, I’m gonna interview with a kid you know, so we can talk about whatever we talk about, right? Yeah, that’s fine. That’s fine. Emerson if he says anything mean to you just let me know.

Rufus T. Rufus 5:49
Okay, hold on a second. Yeah, that’s fine. He’s not gonna say anything mean to you? Not with I’ll stand here. I’ll be God. So I’ll protect you from this pick. Yeah, all right.

Aloysius J. Pig 5:59
Yeah, it’s gonna be fine. Anyway, so you said your name was Sam or something?

Emerson 6:04

Aloysius J. Pig 6:05
That seriously? Your name?

Emerson 6:07

Aloysius J. Pig 6:07
Okay. All right. I know what it does. Every time I say it. I’m just like, is that really his name? But it is so Emerson good to get to meet you. How do you spell that? Is that like,

Emerson 6:20
E R? S O N?

Aloysius J. Pig 6:21
e m e r s o s like a song? It is doing it don’t let me write e m e r y FQ I know.

Emerson 6:31

Aloysius J. Pig 6:33
e m e os. That’s e n e r s o m e. S O N. Sun. The last three letters of your name is son. Who’s your brother moon?

Rufus T. Rufus 6:49
Hold on Allah wishes that we talked. There was good one. No, we don’t bump a god and we’re gonna be nice to this job. Don’t Don’t be making fun of note. None of the kids. Okay, if there’s just got to be nice. Yeah. All

Aloysius J. Pig 7:01
right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, fine. Okay, so and my son I’m Aloysius we’ve met before, correct?

Emerson 7:09

Aloysius J. Pig 7:09
yes. Is there anything in particular that you’re excited about? Yeah. What do you any any fun things?

Emerson 7:15

Aloysius J. Pig 7:16
You said it with a question mark at the end.

You were like summer?

Emerson 7:19

Aloysius J. Pig 7:22
You’re gonna do anything big this summer.

Emerson 7:23

Aloysius J. Pig 7:24
You’re gonna. What? Buy it? No, you’re gonna. You’re gonna move to Legoland bumper cars gonna be so sad.

Emerson 7:32
No, no. Stay there

Aloysius J. Pig 7:34
for a day. Oh, like a day trip?

Emerson 7:37

Aloysius J. Pig 7:38
Oh, that’s

fun. What do you do it like a land? Did we’ll eat Legos. No. Ice cream made of Legos. Hot dogs. Hot dogs. Now, cucumbers made of Legos. Are you a vegetarian? No. It’s interesting. Okay. What about the pool? Do you go to the you like go into the pool?

Emerson 8:01

Aloysius J. Pig 8:02
And what do you do they

I mean, that’s that’s the basic answer. Yeah, but if you like do

do run around the pool.

Emerson 8:11

Aloysius J. Pig 8:12
Well, you’re not supposed to run around the pool. Isn’t that the rule? No running. No horseplay. No shenanigans.

Emerson 8:19

Aloysius J. Pig 8:20
Do you get into shenanigans at the pool?

Emerson 8:22

Aloysius J. Pig 8:23
Okay, well, that’s good. I was worried that you might do Can you do a game? Have you ever done a side flip?

Emerson 8:32
No, but I’ve done a front flip.

Aloysius J. Pig 8:34
A front flip. How’s it is so terrifying because like you’re you’re looking and you’re flipping in your eyes and you’re spinning up in the air?


Wow. That’s very impressive. Are you going to take any any big trips this summer?

Emerson 8:51

Aloysius J. Pig 8:52
Oh, well, you’re gonna go

Emerson 8:53
Cape Cod. You’re not coming?

Aloysius J. Pig 8:55
I can I please I know. You guys would always go there. But can this you know let me come Can I please come to the beach? I don’t want to talk to him. He’s mad at me right now because of this whole interview situation. Fine. I’ll talk to natty You got any other things you want to say on pig interviews today?

Emerson 9:14

Aloysius J. Pig 9:15
Nothing to promote nothing to to put out there. No. Are you dropping any new albums?

Emerson 9:21

Aloysius J. Pig 9:21
No. Okay, any? Are you doing any movies coming up? No. Does your restaurant have any cool specials that you want to promote? I don’t know. I’m just struck by man. I’m just I’m just struggling it you know? Well, listen. I want to thank you for coming by. Did you have any fun? Yes. Okay. Well, you’re you’re a man of few words. Really. This is I appreciate that. You’re succinct. That’s what they say in the business. Well, good to meet you son of Emma. And my son used to get that son of Emma. It makes you sound like you’re from Thor or something like that. Odin son. Mr. Sun, maybe maybe, okay, well, you out you run along and do all that good stuff. We’ll check you later. Okay.

Emerson 10:08

Rufus T. Rufus 10:09
well, there he was. I mean, that was a legitimate interview it went a few minutes and we really found out a lot about. He’s gonna, child is gonna go to the pool where he’s going to swim. He’s not going to engage in horseplay. He is going to break the rules of running a little bit, which we do not approve of, honestly, but hold on. It comes next. Let me yeah, we’re done. Come

Natty Bumpercar 10:30
on. Come on in. Hey, hey, hey, guys. How did it go? I sent my kid just ran past me was that was a yo k was everything. Okay. You

Aloysius J. Pig 10:38
know, it was good. Yeah, he was good on the microphone. He actually answered some questions. You know, it’s, what are these kids? Sometimes it’s like, yes, no, no,

Natty Bumpercar 10:49
maybe it’s like, it’s like you’re you’re interviewing a scantron test or something. But that’s, you know, it’s fine. Because, you know, he seemed to enjoy it. He seemed to have fun. I don’t know whether he ran out it really? Yeah. But I mean, it wasn’t he wasn’t like running out crying or anything. So the great, awesome, so that you know what, fine, you win, Rufus. That was a great idea. We had a pig interview. And but normally, so I think let’s try to figure out some more. If there’s anybody out there who wants to be interviewed by pig and be on the bumper podcast, we’d love to have you. And, you know, if you whatever you do, if you make stuff if you don’t make stuff if you like stuff if you don’t like stuff, let us know. And and pig would love to talk to you. He’s normally an expert Interviewer I have to listen to this one at the end to see how it went. But I think it’d be fine. How did we produce it? We haven’t done that in a while. How

Producer 11:43
are the levels? You know, I’m surely not evil, either child who’s kind of fired from the mic, but I think I can boost it up and I can make it work because you know what, that’s what the producer does. Make it work.

Natty Bumpercar 11:55
You do get it get it.

Outro 12:09
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