Natty talks about going to a sandy place, and also about the excitement of getting to do comedy shows again. It’s a hoot!

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Natty Bumpercar 0:03
I mean today I’m gonna, I’m gonna give I’m gonna give the people what they want.

Aloysius J. Pig 0:08
Oh, you’re finally going to cancel the show you’re gonna move on to something else.

Natty Bumpercar 0:12
No. Is that what what is that what the people want? That I was gonna Yeah,

Producer 0:18
so we’ve been getting a lot of feedback that people say you don’t record often enough to nude says you got I don’t know we need shirts can happen and I can’t keep up with my pod feed is all messed up and you don’t put out new episodes you know, it’s like that and so people get very very upset about the whole thing you know.

Natty Bumpercar 0:34
I mean, that makes sense. But I believe we’ve been really busy. I mean, really, like really busy, like, you know, I mean, if people want to jump on the Patreon and get instant, some some money. I mean, not I do this for money, like I just wanted that to be known. But I priorities. I gotta I gotta I gotta put food on the table for all the babies. Oh, the baby’s gonna how many babies you gotta you gotta get no babies like the old at this point. I think I’m one of them was probably in college or something I don’t. Come on. He’s a terrible excuse is what do you been so busy doing? All right. Well, I will say I, we actually went on a vacation. We went on a trip, we went far away, we went to a place called Florida. And it was wonderful. I mean, it was terrible, you know, in some parts, but it was wonderful. I’m not going to complain. I feel like I just complained. Why would I? Why do I always complain? It was it was so it was hot. It was like 85 degrees outside and the sun, we were closer to the sun, I feel because I actually got a little bit sunburned and not on the first day, which is, you know, like, Hey, we’re vacationing, this is what you do. And so we were staying in this place. And outside the back window, there was a deck, and there was a waterway where we could see the water and there were boats in the waterway. And then we saw manatee Now hold on a second here. Those are the cows of the see you. Yes, they are. And you know what I was just realize, because we actually saw two of them and they were playing together. And I don’t know what the plural version of manatee is, man. So manatees, that’d be like possessive manatee mean, it feels like sheep, like where it’s just like a look at that sheep. Hey, look at all those sheep. You know, it’s I think maybe manatees the same way where it’s the singular and the plural of the same word, which kind of blows my mind.

Aloysius J. Pig 2:33
I don’t want to get into a grammar conversation because it’s no one listens to podcasts for that, especially if you don’t have the actual answer. This is what you’re doing right now, as you’re doing one of those podcasts where you’re like, we have 10 episodes, and we’re gonna go deeper into this thing than anyone has ever gone. And then at the end, you’re like, but we don’t have answers still. You’re like I just wasted 10 hours of my life.

Producer 3:01
Just watch. So what Piggie saying do you don’t know the answer and we have already people are upset that you don’t record often enough, you know, you’re bringing to the table things that you don’t have answers to. And so it just it all feels a bit. I don’t know. Maybe you should take another another break. Really?

Natty Bumpercar 3:22
What you wanted to do, you know, I was excited when we hit record. I was excited. I wanted it so in Florida, it’s hot suns closer. sunburned. And there were two pools right at the at the manatee. So we saw them empty and yes, no, I don’t know. Singular, plural. Maybe we’ll remember that for next time. We won’t. But so we were watching some Manatee and we also saw a dolphin go through the little waterway. It was like a dolphin. And but there were two fools on the other side. And, and we found out that one of the pools was heated. So it’s 85 degrees outside and they had a pool that was heated, which was phenomenal. I mean, it sounds gross. Because when you get in it, it feels like you’re in soup. But the best I mean like ah, oh, let me tell you. My kids are getting up at like eight o’clock in the morning to go through it. That’s called swearing. And I was like, huh, because I don’t want to know in cold water when it’s eight o’clock in the morning. It’s just not what I want to do. But do I want to go into a warm pool maybe like there’s a lot more of a chance that I want to go into a warm pool that’s that’s absolutely for sure. So that was it was it was nice. And you know we we played miniature golf. I got two holes in one in a row.

Rufus T. Rufus 4:51
Is that what you’re doing this podcast and tell us that you’re moving on to be a professional miniature golf Nelly. That was that what’s your what’s your thinking? You know Korea move was going to be

Natty Bumpercar 5:01
No, I didn’t say that there was going to be any kind of new career move. I just said that I was excited to I forget what I started the podcast with what we’re like, I just wanted to do something like, I’m excited to be here. And you know,

Aloysius J. Pig 5:14
you just said yes. Excited. I’m so excited to be anyway. So speaking of great, you went to Florida, we get it good for you. Oh, you’re a big man. You go on vacation. We were all sitting here, wondering where the food was wondering where the paper towels were wondering who was going to draw our baths, et cetera.

Doodle Poodle 5:36
Hi, it’s me. Doodle poodle. Did somebody say want to? Know does anybody have any pens and paper?

Natty Bumpercar 5:57
That’s adorable. Well, real quick. In Florida we did. We were looking at some books at a bookstore. And on the rack, there was a book that was titled, The poodle who doodles

Rufus T. Rufus 6:12
Now hold on a second, I didn’t realize that had you? And we’ve been writing books. And we’ve been publishing books. I haven’t seen any contracts for for such things. No, no, no. Is this is this a new career that you’re talking about?

Natty Bumpercar 6:26
No, no, no, no. Again, no new career, but I didn’t know what to do. I was I was like, looking at this book. It’s a kid’s book. And it’s got this dis poodle. And he doodles. And I was just holding it. And I was looking at it. And I was like, hmm, well, this is a strange thing.

Aloysius J. Pig 6:48
Now, I know, this ain’t really my purview. But I, and this is a weird question to ask, but are we? Are we copy written? Are we are we protected under the law? Like, what? How does if somebody’s going to come up and write a book like al the pigs says, How do you do something? I

Natty Bumpercar 7:08
mean, like what’s I don’t understand what’s happened?

Rufus T. Rufus 7:10
Well, now I this is my first time hearing this and so I haven’t, you know, obviously, I had time to do in a research. I haven’t had time for my interns and pages and whatnot, office staff to help me research but I’m gonna look into this because it seems like it might be an issue. I mean, on not necessary. I mean, not that we’re going to do anything about it necessarily. But the issue is that we don’t want somebody to come around us and say we’ve got this book about this poodle the doodles and you’ve got this dog over here that doodle food Oh, and they can’t he has to go away.

Doodle Poodle 7:52
Have to go

Natty Bumpercar 7:58
Come here, buddy Euro. It’s okay. It’s so we’re, it’s I think it’s gonna be fine. It’s just it was a really weird occurrence and we’ll we’ll figure it out. You know, it’s gonna it’s gonna work out I think. But it’s a little bit nerve wracking, definitely. But it’s going to be fine. Speaking of careers. I want to move on for a second because we only have a couple minutes left. Guess what’s coming back. Guess what’s happening? Oh, are you going to start mowing people’s lawns again? Are you doing? Are you back into auto culture while you’re doing lawn? Trees and shrubs and whatnot? No, no, no trees? No, no, I know that. No, no, no. But comedy. Comedy is coming back. I have I’ve been booked on shows. I have shows again, I get to go out to places sometimes very far away and tell people jokes, which is wonderfully exciting. I recently my guess was last weekend, I had a show. And it was in a barn. You’re doing shows and bonds now. Interesting, right? So the funny thing I was the host, and there were 123 other comedians, and I went up, I did my time. And as a host, it’s you it’s really difficult to to get the room to get their attention. And to kind of, you know, start the show off, especially because they’re all eating dinner, they’re chatting, there’s an open bar, so they’re doing other things. And so, you know, when I get up on stage, and I’m like, time for the funny and they’re like, ah, you know, and so it takes a minute or two to kind of break the ice and be silly and get them engaged and involved in the show. And so I did my time upfront and then I brought the first the wall the second comedian Up first is host me. The second is her and she did her time and then I got up and I just wanted to kind of did like a two minute thing in between the second and third comedian and it went great And they were like, ah, and I finally had them. Because at that point, I had kind of established my presence who I am. And you know, they have something to bite off of which is good. And building the rapport that said, I would say, I don’t ever say that. And then the third comedian went up, he did wonderfully. And before he got off, the person who was running the show, not the comedian, but the person running the show said, Hi, I need you to announce the cake after him. And I was like, oh, no, because there was one more comedian. And here’s the thing. This isn’t an age old comedy rule. This isn’t just every you can’t fight cake. You can’t beat cake. Right? So I got up and I was like, Hey, go give it up for him. All right. And now there’s cake. Everybody jumps up, runs for the cake. And the comedy show is just and so I keep talking. Because I didn’t know what to do. And then the, like, the comedian running, the show came up. And she was like, we’re gonna do an intermission. You don’t do intermission to comedy shows because the whole show is structured to build, build, build, build, right? It’s just nice arc. And what this was doing was build, build, build. And then there’s just a cliff that wow. And so but I was in the middle of telling a joke. And I made the mistake of finishing the joke, I should have just been like, and I’m out. But I didn’t. Because it was I was like, I’m already in this, let’s do it. But it was, it was there were three people in the room of 100. And whatever people that were looking at me, the rest of them were like, I want my cake. And so 15 minutes later, I had to go back. And now they’re all sugared up, they have they got their cake, they got their coffee, whatever. And and you know, it was comedy is a difficult game to play, but it made it exceptionally more difficult, but it’s okay, because it was it was fun. And now I have another show this weekend, and I am beyond thrilled to start having shows again. Because there’s nothing I love more than going to a random room full of people an hour and a half away from my home and trying to get them to laugh at things. It’s, it’s, it’s a very, it’s a very strange thing to try to do. Hey, who are you? You don’t know me, but guess what? I’m gonna make you giggle and they’re like, or I don’t know if you will, and I’m like me either.

Outro 12:42
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