Something odd is happening at Headquarters. There are people that no one knows — IN THE HOUSE.

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Natty Bumpercar 0:03
There are people in my house and I don’t know who they are. There are people in my house and I don’t know who they are. There are people in my house and I don’t know who they are. There are people in my house and I don’t know who they are.

Rufus T. Rufus 0:25
Oh, no, excuse me, that is just a new song you’re singing? Are there actually people in the domicile that we are not familiar with that we are not have not been properly identified and, you know, checked out and whatnot. And there

Natty Bumpercar 0:40
there are people in my house. And I don’t know who they are.

Producer 0:45
Okay, hold on one second here, because I’m trying to look over the schedule here to see how you’re supposed to be in the house and the don’t know, there’s no one listed in SA what I’m going to say also don’t mean, I’m not trying to be facetious is that I think that there are some people in the house and maybe we don’t know who they are. Exactly. All

Unknown Speaker 1:05
right. Well, now as as a lawyer, I am the closest to a law enforcement officer here. And so I think that means courses that I’m gonna have to go inside and now they they launch people there and I shouldn’t be intimidated. I’m a little bit nervous if I’m to be on.

Natty Bumpercar 1:24
There are people in the house and I don’t I don’t know who they are. All right. People in the house. And I don’t know who they are.

Producer 1:33
Yes, sir. I’m hearing from you. Nadine, you’re doing a very good job of I think trying to illustrate the situation and to really let us know what’s going on. He said there are so people who are inside of the house right now. And you don’t exactly

Rufus T. Rufus 1:50
I’m catching the same drift over here, producer. anybody’s seen piggy Lu ello issues. Maybe he has some insight into the situation. There’s some people in my house and I don’t know who they are.

Natty Bumpercar 2:05
There’s people in my house and I don’t know who they


Producer 2:27
So I’m looking at this is it? I mean, it does look like a parrot. I mean, hmm. This is more of a sketch. I think it’s a doodle. You don’t he didn’t really mean you captured some things on it. But I can’t really tell from your drawing who it is. People might be many information you got maybe names, anything.

Doodle Poodle 2:49
I don’t usually draw names. I just kinda like to draw pictures. So no.

Rufus T. Rufus 3:03
Yeah, well, yeah, I’m so glad that your name isn’t God dog. Boom, I guess I wouldn’t work as well God because you’re not very good guard dog is what I’m saying. You’re really instincts do not lean towards protecting the house. The moves, look at these drawings. So is everybody here? Alright, it looks like we got two or three. Okay. And it looks like where you have drawn them. This seems to be in the near the foyer.

Doodle Poodle 3:37
Say for you

Rufus T. Rufus 3:40
know, it’s just you know, as learning different language, different accents, or whatever I say for you. Well, yeah, I understand. You

Producer 3:48
know, when I was growing up, we used to say the five years well, he sounded more fancy. He’s like we say, are you going to go through the fire? Yay. You’re going to see the surfer. Read the chaise lounge. You’re going to go past that. Some people say Oh, I go into the Foreo and I got to pass the couch is like come on, man. This is nicer stuff. This is just lounge and this for a year. So

Natty Bumpercar 4:16
there’s people in the house right and and and and and and I don’t know who they are. Okay, there’s people Ah, yeah. Inside the house. And and I don’t know I don’t know where they are. No, no.

Rufus T. Rufus 4:32
I hesitate to ask this of course. But it’s a sensitive situation but now you’re going a little bit looky loo right now. It does seem and feel a little bit like a little a little loop de loop. People

Producer 4:51
they are dry. You know, we all kind of live here in all of our house that kind of nervous about the people you In the currently done, you don’t really even know

Rufus T. Rufus 5:04
taking control of the situation the next person or dog or frog anyone who says that phrase is going to be out on the sidewalk taking a break because we understand the whole thing we understand the situation that we’re in. We don’t need to keep repetitively repeating it and one up and repeating the one up and too often, because that’s just too much All right, everybody calm down. We’re gonna figure this situation out. Hey, everybody, it’s me. Aloysius jpg coming in. And why is everybody so freaked out about I can see it on your faces. Holy cow. What did I just walk into? Well,

Natty Bumpercar 5:43
so there’s some people who are inside of the house. Right? Who we and we don’t know who they are. Yeah,

Rufus T. Rufus 5:50
I’m gonna let that one slide because he elevations did just as exactly what you saw. I understand what just happened there. Oh, yeah. Like, seriously, you guys are freaked out about you don’t know what that is. This is hilarious. I didn’t even realize we were doing a podcast. Like I thought we were done doing it. I mean, I looked at the schedule and it was just like a Halloween we did a show and it’s been like a long time and so I thought that we maybe you guys had just moved on to something else. Like maybe you’re just making NF TS or whatever. I don’t know the bump of pod can NF T’s i don’t i don’t know maybe crypto coins? I don’t know whatever you kids do these days. No but so we’re recording an episode right now

Producer 6:31
if you’ve recovered the light over there says on the air that we need to be recording we’re not actually on the air as we’re doing a bad case so we’re on the computer but they didn’t have a light that said on computer you understand I also I thought it’d be very confusing if we did you said on computer because he realized what are we doing on the computer I don’t understand your your recording you’re gone gone computer and it is still a red light or is it just for on air? And so you just really a lot of variables and things to look into for me you know, I’m very busy too. Yeah, so

Rufus T. Rufus 7:06
so it has been a long time we’ve been very busy and it’s been chilly. In fact, we’ve been chilly out here in the old bumper barn and we’re still working on getting it insulated and people are not responding to calls and you know hopefully we’ll be able to get in here soon and record or we’re gonna have to move all the equipment back over the into the house with the people on we don’t know

Aloysius J. Pig 7:30
ah okay, I guess that makes sense. So anyway the people who already own the house or who you guys don’t know but I think you actually don’t own them. They were just dropping somebody off

Doodle Poodle 7:43
three people said I’m curious cuz I made a drawing. And who are they dropping?

Rufus T. Rufus 7:49
Let me see that. Drew No no, you missed it totally if you didn’t look down the person they were dropping off I mean I really a person it’s a one he only ladies in case char

Natty Bumpercar 7:59
gay Wait a minute, so there were some people inside my house and I didn’t know who they are and the whole time they were just dropping you off Turkey

I haven’t seen you in a year this isn’t Sam so happy to see you.

Rufus T. Rufus 8:20
Good. So now evidently he can see other things perfect and now this episode can take off for only eight and a half minutes in so now I guess we can just pretend like nothing happened

Aloysius J. Pig 8:37
yeah, exactly. It’s a beautiful song that you just saying. It’s a turkey is here of course it’s his yearly tradition to come into our house be on the podcast to well, you know to hide from all the people because it is Thanksgiving and we give him safe refuge. And it’s good good thing we toe every year right and every year you come back you spread the turkey word you let people know about Turkey issues

Turkey dealings Turkey whatnot etc

Producer 9:15
Oh yeah, yeah, no, he’s not kidding around. I know I’ve read the articles as well if you’ve been really prolific in the last year with your writing and everything it’s it’s it’s almost like poetry you’re not you’re the way you write about these issues is it’s gripping in it really yeah

did did pulls on my heartstrings. Yeah, we

Natty Bumpercar 9:33
actually we subscribed to all the magazines and everything Turkey because we wanted them and we put up an alert a turkey alert so that we could make sure that anytime you published anything that we could read it because it’s it’s you’re great and we love having you around. I’m so sorry. This episode got off to a strange start and it’s not just because we haven’t been recording a lot lady. It’s just it’s just it’s been a lot

Rufus T. Rufus 9:53
not to freak anyone out but I just looked through the window and I saw some people walking around the house and I’m just I’m blown nervous because I don’t know who they are. Oh wait what

Natty Bumpercar 10:04
is people asked me know who they are

Outro 10:20
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