Bumperpodcast #14 – Spooky Scary

Spooky Scary!

I’m probably not afraid – But Maybe you should make sure to listen to this Bumperpodcast in a well lit room – during the day – surrounded by loved ones – because otherwise you may get a bit twitchy and itchy and nervous.

It’s our Bumperpodcast October frightener. Hold onto your tour guide!


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    • bumpercar
      bumpercar says:

      Oh – yeah – by the way . . . I think that you guys still owe me a nickel from the tour.

      I seriously hate to ask . . . But my drawer came up short – and my boss is kind of freaking out.


  1. nics
    nics says:

    omg! your house is totally haunted.
    did you know that when me and my art school friends stayed in your room upstairs that time that we freaked ourselves out one night really bad and it was like we were 10 and at a slumber party being scared little girls (+ 1 boy)? hearing noises, seeing scary trees outside the window, writings on walls (that’s probably what started the whole thing). maybe you heard us screaming…

    • bumpercar
      bumpercar says:

      I know! The upstairs was always the total scariest place in the house – which is odd – usually – in my experience – it is going to be the basement that is full of creeps.

      You guys are lucky that you made it out of there . . . In one piece!!!