We are definitely not complaining in this episode — but, we may mention a few things that we might consider worthy of being complained about. Maybe?

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Now, I’m not a complainer a complainer, son, as we say in my house. Because complaining, it doesn’t do you any good. It doesn’t help anything. It doesn’t make anything better, right? It just letting off steam. What complaining? What I like to do is to point out things that I could complain about, but I’m not actually complaining because I, again doesn’t do anything. I don’t have a microphone. So if this sounds weird, I apologize. I’m in a basement. It’s a case of the sometimes. Be careful what you ask for. I don’t know if you know this, but in the last couple of episodes. Last couple. That was a weird West couple. Wait, whoa, whilst what was a couple of episodes? That’s a lot. I was saying like, Oh, I want to be in my barn in record. And the people haven’t come to work on the barn. Well, well, now my hair there. They’re there. And they’re working. And it’s been two weeks. And why don’t I have a microphone? Well, because I had to take everything out of the barn. And I put it on a tarp on the on the ground. And then I covered it with one tarp that only covered some of it. And then they got another tarp and they covered the rest of it. But that’s where everything is. And here’s the fun thing. I it’s, it’s it rained, it’s been raining and snowing ever since I put everything outside. So and every so often I’ll go out and one of the tarps is across the yard. And everything’s just out in the world exposed. Look at me, get me what destroying me. Know. And so I have a lot of nerves about that a lot of agita. Right, that’s like, Okay, so now the barn is going to be finished at some point. And, and then I’m going to have to bring everything back in and figure out what’s working and what’s broken. Why does it always have to be something? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Well, they also it was they said this, this job here is gonna take us about three days, we’re looking at this. And it’s going to take us about three days. And I was like, alright, alright, alright. Well, that’s not that much time. Well, we’re two weeks, two weeks now, and still going. And the only consistent thing in this whole process has been the guy showing up to ask for more money. Like, Hey, we got the step one a done, so we’re gonna need some money. And I’m like, Alright, here’s a check. I’ve already the guy checks. I don’t even I don’t have to go find checks to give the guy a check. Here’s a check. In a write it all out write things on it. You know, I don’t know if you know what a check is. But it’s like a piece of paper. It’s good to do you have to give to people sometimes and it counts as money, I guess. And they take it out of your account, they rip it out of your account. But you have to, let’s see, the first thing you do is you write who it’s to. So you write to the building company. And then you and you have to ask them, Who do I make this out to? Because sometimes it might be different. And they say Oh, you got to make it out to bla bla bla bla bla and you’re like, Alright, okay, you got to spell it right. You got to make sure it’s legible. And, and then the next thing is the date of the so you put down the date on the top, and some but you could do it in all kinds of ways. There’s no can, super consistent like, you can write, I write oh two dot and one O dot two two, or you can just go to slash 10 slash 2022 2020. What is rolling my mouth words maker or you can write out February 10 comma 2020 20. Again talk

and then when you do that, you have to go and look up how to spell February because it’s actually spelled February February from Oh, whoa, whoa, February. And so that’s going to be right. And then so next to the who, who the pay who this goes to is a box. And it says some is like, total or something like that. I don’t know what it is. Amount, I think it says amount. And so then you write down and there with numbers, you go like 17.0, if it’s $17, and then the next line, and this is where it gets wacky, like it, who knows. But you’re supposed to write out in words, what you wrote in the Amount box in numbers. And so if it’s seven teen, then you have to write seven teen dollars. And, and then after the end, you do like a little fraction thing. So if it’s if it’s if it’s $17.41, then you write the $17.41, slash, like over 100, and then a line for the rest of it. That’s how I do it. But I’ve seen other people do it other ways. I don’t know. I don’t know. I just say, Hey, can’t Can I just tap my phone onto your phone and be done with it? No. Can’t do that. Sorry. So I so I’m writing them, and then you have to sign it at the bottom. Right. And then on the bottom, that’s on the bottom right. On the bottom left, there’s a line another line? That’s like, a what is this full type of thing. And you could just write anything in there, it doesn’t even matter. You could be like, duck food. And it’s fine. No one cares. I don’t even know if anybody reads that. That’s for your records. So that when the check goes into the bank, then you know, oh, yeah, that $17.41 that I spent on February 10 2020 2020 2020 2022. Was for duck food. And so you can put that in your ledger? I don’t know. It’s just it’s archaic. I don’t, I don’t I like to just not have to do things like that. But I did. And it keeps showing up, hey, we had to pay for scaffolding. It’s gonna cost this much. And like, here, because if you ever get into a construction project, here’s what happens. If you’re hiring someone, then in theory, you really want this project to be done. You’re like, I have a thing that I need to be done, I’m going to hire somebody, they’re going to come and do it. And I’m going to be happy when it’s done. And they say, Alright, here’s an estimate as to how much it’s going to cost. And you’re like, okay, and, and we’re going to be here on this day. And this is how many days it’s going to take. And this is your payment schedule, you know, you’re going to pay on when we finish this thing, that thing, and then also the the thing you’re like, alright, that makes sense. But then the time gets all thrown out, and the materials, and there’s like, oh, there’s always a hiccup. Oh, well, we didn’t know there was this. We’re gonna have to charge you more. And you’re just always like, okay, because you’re deep into the project. And you can’t say no, you can’t be like, nah. Oh, you know what? You just finished it halfway, and I’ll pay you and it’ll never get done. No, you have to keep going. It’s terrible. But it’s fine. I keep telling myself it’s fine, then that it’ll be done. And then I can, I can go and then I’m going to paint. And then I’m going to just move in all my stuff. I’m very excited. And, you know, it’s fun too, because I have to leave the doors that lenders open, not open but unlocked. So the person can get in because they just show up at random times. And I don’t even know they’re there. And then I get a text a Natty. I mean, I’m in I’m in the barn, and I’m like, Oh, I had no idea. The other day my kid was like that. The lights are on in the barn. I think somebody is in there. I was like, Ah, it’s either the workers or

family of raccoons and have decided to move in. And he’s like, Wait, we have raccoons. And I was like I was it was a joke. And my kid said something to me that I’ve heard many times from comedy producers. And he goes, Dad Don’t you know, like, come on. Jokes are supposed to be funny and I’m like

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