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What do you know about "Gubstuff" ?!?

Well . . . I would wager a bet that you probably don’t know anywhere near enough about Gubstuff . . . so here is a quick quick tip-off to get you more into the “I know plenty about Gubstuff” mode. Gubstuff is great stuff that is made by my great pal Angela. She makes […]

Enough with the bathing . . .

The other night (really pretty much every night – but this one night in particular) I was sooooooooooo so so so so tired . . . and so after letting the dog out and then back in and dealing with the feeding of the cats – I crawled – or maybe slunk – but definitely […]

And that's when the Police stopped me . . .

Seriously – I am going to post about this later . . . figured the picture would be a good tease . . . and I am nothing if not a tease . . . Okay – okay – now the story that I was talking about – the story that the picture is about […]

You know those people that come to your house?

So today I was working upstairs – which is where all of the “magic” happens – and then ‘bing-bong’ goes the doorbell. I rushed down the stairs and answered the door in an extremely dissheveled and frenzied manner – which – and I know that you weren’t necessarily asking – is usually a great way […]

A Terrifying Story (about a doughnut)

So last night I was out and about – usually whenever I leave the house I tend to go “out and about” – or if I am feeling particularly Canadian then I may sometimes also go “oot and aboot” – but that is besides the point – so let’s ignore all of that and get […]