Another Tussle!

Another odd trip on the bus today happened when I – who was all kinds of ticket less – due to giving my last paid ride to a little bird this morning – tried to get onto the bus.

Now – normally – you can just pay the fare and everything is fine. But this bus driver and I seem to be oil and water. He is the same one that drove by me one day and then yelled at me when I ran after him. He is great!

All I had was a twenty. So at first – he didn’t even want me to get onto the bus at all. Then he started grumbling about how he wasn’t a bank and that he didn’t have change. I replied that while I was sorry that was the only bill that I had, I didn’t get why it was a problem – since he was clearly holding enough change.

At this point – it was “on” as the kids say . . . And it seemed like he was about to kick me off the bus – which would have stunk. He said that the change was for other people and that I should have gotten my own – which confused me – because I didn’t know that change only went to certain people. So I said “I’m really not sure why you are hassling me so much. I ride this bus all of the time and you are the only one that I have ever had trouble with.” He gave me a look. So I kept on with “Yeah – you drove right by me one day with your sign that said ‘out of service’ and made me run after you.”

He seemed to remember the other event – our last skirmish. He let me stay on. There were no other words spoken. The other passengers were glad for that.

Eventually he gave me my change and I said “Thanks. It won’t happen again.”

I guess I didn’t feel like getting bullied by this curmudgeon – but it sure made for a not so fun ride. And who knows if he will ever stop for me again . . .

Oil and Water. Oil and Water. Oil and Water.

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  1. mary k
    mary k says:

    i'm glad you didn't stand for being bullied. i feel like maybe this was the time that earned you the respect of that driver, and i bet in about 2 months, you'll be posting pics of you two out on the town, best of friends.

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