An update on "Miss Pickles" & "O.K."

So as it turns out . . . “O.K.” isn’t a girl at all – he was a lying little boy – who knew?! (I was going to link to a site about how to determine if your kittens are boys or girls – but then I went to a few and decided that they were a bit too risque – the first had up close and personal photos – please – a little dignity for the kittens – please?)

Oh – and “Miss Pickles” was indeed a girl. The whole time if I were going to guess – everything would have been reversed – my money would have been on “Miss Pickles” being “Mister Pickles” and “O.K.” being – uhm – “O.K.” (but a girl version – which she already was anyway – which makes this all very confusing) – or something like that – but – oh how wrong I ended up being . . .

I guess it just goes to show you how wrong you can be about people . . . and kittens – too.

Moving beyond the whole gender issue – the kittens went to a nice foster home where they can grow up some more until they are ready to go where ever they are going to end up finally going eventually . . . uhm – somewhere. They were dropped off at Petsmart with a group by the name of FurKids. That is where the picture at the bottom came from.

They seemed plenty plenty plenty happy (especially when wet food was shoved in front of their tiny blue eyed faces) – and even though Socks and I miss them ridiculously – and also even though the women at the table decided to drop their given names (“Miss Pickles” & “O.K.”) to really push their whole origin story (they were found in a bag by a creek – and are now called “Paper” & “Bag” – I’m not even sure which one is which – which is kind of an odd outcome) – I will always hold a teeny kitten place in my heart for them – regardless of the whole gender/name confusion.

I will update when FurKids puts them on their adoption site – if they even even even make it up there. It is totally possible that they will go to the wherever they are going to end up going before they even make it up on the web . . . we shall see.

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  1. bumpercar
    bumpercar says:

    Hey . . . I know you . . . you are that guy with that wife and that kid that does that stuff – and now I find out that you also do some of that there volunteer work – with kittens?!?
    I am stunned shocked awwwwwwed and waiting to hear more about that mister . . .
    I shall email you up!

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