(An Update Of) A Food Review

Okay – maybe I said a harsh word or two in my (semi) recent review of the meal that I had over at Ressie Mae’s Soul Food [for the quick record – the meal consisted of candied yams, green beans and the mac & cheese . . . for a longer record of the events go here to read the review – which for no record other than mine was linked to from midtown lunch – a nice and nifty food blog].

But now look who has a proverbial slathering of Soul Food eggs (if such a thing even exists) on his face . . . I’ll give you one quick guess . . . it’s me.

Ressis Mae’s is all gone . . . and I will never darken it’s doorstep again – more importantly – I will never get the chance to try their (from what I’ve heard) so – so good fried chicken (and waffles). It has taken me a couple of bits to get around to writing this eulogy – mostly because I didn’t want to come across as crass – in a “Your restraunt closed – and I had a bad experience there and blah – blah – blah!” type of way – and I also didn’t want to come across (completely) in an emotional wreck “I work in an odd and (semi) food-desolate area – and what will I ever ever do . . . there is nothing for me to eat . . . anywhere . . . I’m just going to go to Duane Reade and suffer.” kind of way (whatever kind of way that even is – I’m not so sure).

But what I will say is that it is unfortunate that a restaurant right around the corner from my building is gone – leaving in it’s wake half-a-dozen of those cookie cutter “upscale bodegas” with soups/cookies/sandwiches/stir fry/pasta types of places – that just have so so much of that – uhm – individuality – right?!

So – now I venture out – towards 9th avenue – where I can only hope some form of yummy food lives . . . and when I say “lives” – I more probably mean “hides in the shadowy wilderness of the cities canyons” – just waiting for me to begin the hunt – so mount up – cow pokes – because it is certainly “get some vittles time!”


Etymology for the word Vittles:

c.1303, vitaylle (singular), from Anglo-Fr. and O.Fr. vitaille, from L.L. victualia “provisions,” noun use of plural of victualis “of nourishment,” from victus “livelihood, food, sustenance,” from base of vivere “to live” (see vital). Spelling altered 1523 to conform with L., but pronunciation remains “vittles.”