All kinds of broke …

So – last night – yesterday afternoon – sometime that wasn’t now – that was before now … I made my website into a bowl of spaghetti and then I tossed it off of a cliff and into a wall that was lined with cashmere … i’m still recovering – and – the cashmere is still stained.

What in the what am I babbling about?? Well – in the ever changing struggle to make my website the best little website that it can be, I did some things and move some stuff – and everything broke.

Maybe you can’t tell – exactly what is broken – but – trust me … it is a heap of mess – and now I get to fix it.

Thanks for listening …

My head hurts.


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  1. Scott Teplin
    Scott Teplin says:

    Oops – hang in there cowboy. If anyone can turn this heap of trouble around – it's YOU.

    • nbumpercar
      nbumpercar says:

      Thanks pal! I\’m moving inch by website inch closer to getting it up and running again – but ooch! What an annoying process it all is! Ooch … Ooch … Ooch!

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