A New Blog-Toon Cartoon – toon – toon – toon!

Hey gang – it is just like I told ya and just like I promised . . . here is a new cartoon to watch to brighten up your Monday morning – and really any other morning that you may need a little bit of brightening up for.

I have no promises as to what it is about – or the format – or anything. So I will just leave you – and let you find out for yourself.

Happy watching!

  1. nics
    nics says:

    how did your blog know that my blog blogged you?!
    i came to tell you, but your blog already knew.
    these blogs are just becoming too smart for me to keep up with…

  2. bobo
    bobo says:

    That was better than the new Indiana Jones movie. Much better.

    And I think the dentist is Indiana Jones’ dad from the previous movie.