Bumperpodcast # 159 – At a loss

Continuing in my sporadic spiral of crumbling … I present to you a new Bumperpodcast that has a guest host who needs to learn a thing or two about not touching the microphone.

And – with that … I digress.

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People should not be distressed about a digress!


Bumperpodcast # 157 – Rubber-band

There will be no fooling around on this week’s Bumperpodcast. Natty has jumped into the world of fashion … He may have also joined a gang.

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Clothes are an important part of life!


Bumperpodcast #156 – Spiraling

I think that we get stuck in a peanut butter circle of a whirlwind on this episode of the Bumperpodcast.

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Because we are the master of the circle!


Bumperpodcast #149 – Pea Soup

What is on Bumpercar’s mind today? Pea soup – that is what … and why?! Well – because of the weather and also because he is hungry.

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Why am I always hungry?!


Bumperpodcast #147 – Rhyming

Robot jumps onto the Bumperpodcast microphone to sing a little song – and manages to fail miserably …

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We learn when we fail!!!


Bumperpodcast 127 – Meander

Natty Bumpercar is back after a week of hiding in a hut – because he saw his shadow …

Did you get one of the messages that he sent out?

He did get your email – and – it hurt a little bit … Maybe more than a little bit.

Speaking of being hurt a little bit – we find out what happened to Yehti after the Valentine’s debacle …

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Yay headaches!!