Bumperpodcast #164: Leave rain, leave.

Rain and rain and rain and rain … So much rain in the world – and – Bumpercar doesn’t seem to believe in umbrellas.

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Rain is everywhere!


Bumperpodcast # 161 – We’ve really lost it

Yay! It’s a new Bumperpodcast …

Hold on to your britches.

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Pants are awesome!


Bumperpodcast # 159 – At a loss

Continuing in my sporadic spiral of crumbling … I present to you a new Bumperpodcast that has a guest host who needs to learn a thing or two about not touching the microphone.

And – with that … I digress.

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People should not be distressed about a digress!


Bumperpodcast # 158 – I’m the boss

I fell into a crevace of jelly and got stuck and have missed the beans out of you guys … Seriously.

Also – Headquarters has gotten a bit more full.

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Eating is an important thing!


Bumperpodcast #155 – Mouse Powered

It is one of those whisper episodes where Bumpercar is hearing some sort of broadcast and is trying to figure out where it is coming from.

Now, we use mouse power.

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Because mice are the future!