Bumperpodcast #179: Airport

Natty Bumpercar is at an airport and wants to tell you all about his day … He is also coming off the flu – so – it might not make much sense.

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Sense is for sensible folk!


Bumperpodcast #174: Extended Awesome

Hold onto your awsome little shoes – because – by popular demand, we have finally caved in and extended the Bumperpodcast – to almost double! That’s right – 5 minutes of splended aural pleasure for your ears … The possibilities are endless!

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Extended awesome for you!


Bumperpodcast #170: Birthday Roast Build-Up

Is this your favorite day of the week? Of course it is – because today is the day of the Bumperpodcast!

We talk about the ‘Natty Bumpercar Birthday Roast Extravaganza: A Benefit for PAWS!’ – which is coming up this very weekend.

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I’m like a birthday!

Here is a link to the Facebook event:



Bumperpodcast #164: Leave rain, leave.

Rain and rain and rain and rain … So much rain in the world – and – Bumpercar doesn’t seem to believe in umbrellas.

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Rain is everywhere!


Bumperpodcast # 162 – Rainy day

It’s a rainy day surprise!

Listen as I dazzle and dodge raindrops … It’ll be magical!

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Raindrops have all the power!


Bumperpodcast # 159 – At a loss

Continuing in my sporadic spiral of crumbling … I present to you a new Bumperpodcast that has a guest host who needs to learn a thing or two about not touching the microphone.

And – with that … I digress.

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People should not be distressed about a digress!